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partners with organizations worldwide to encourage everyone, irrespective of age or race, to reawaken their dreams. We exist to spark the dying embers of their passion into a raging inferno that fills them with fulfillment and joy.

RDF exists to give back to the organizations that Radha believes in by encouraging them that no dreams are too big to aspire towards.

Why Royal Dreams?

Kids have big dreams when they are young. Career day brings dreams like astronauts, ballerinas, dancers, surgeons, actors, artists, musicians, songwriters, and media representatives out of many of them. As adults, we encourage them to have the biggest dreams and help them grow their wildest imaginations.

But as time goes on and they get older, we start to quieten most of their dreams and encourage them to choose more “sensible” and productive goals. Their dreams stop being important because rooting them in a “sensible” future becomes the ideal choice.

Radha faced her share of these challenges from a young age when she had to give up her dream of being a singer and songwriter for her battles with domestic violence. The trauma from this swayed her path towards other fields within the entertainment industry, such as acting. After years of acting and working on her own startups, she rediscovered her passion for singing and songwriting and the Royal Dreams Foundation was born.

Radha has over 6 years of experience in the social services sector, during which she performed effortlessly as a mentor, public speaker, and workshop facilitator to many youths and adults.


Royal Dreams Foundation is dedicated to Radha’s fans, Royals, who are the reason she was able to discover her passion and purpose in life. Radha believes in sharing love and understanding to everyone in the world and RDF shares this value by encouraging everyone to pursue their dreams.

Kids with Capes


Suicide risk in autism is real, and sometimes, crucial signs slide by unnoticed. If you’re feeling unsure about your future, or you think someone else is struggling, don’t wait. Here's a guide that covers suicide risk factors, and prevalence:

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